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Classical Massage

Combats stress and tension, natural energy flow within the body is activated, while pain is relieved and the metabolism stimulated. 

Sports Massage

The main goal of this therapy is to loosen muscle tension after athletic activity, but also as a form of preparation for training and/or competition. It promotes the overall sense of welbeing and improves sporting performance. A regenerative and loosening massage after sport.

Manual Lymph Drainage

During manual lymph drainage, lymphatic fluid is moved by means of soft, pumping massage holds in the direction necessary for efficient drainage. Lymph drainage improves production of lymphatic fluid and stimulates lymphatic flow. It is both relaxing and detoxifying.

Recommended for the following conditions:

  • Lymphoedema: after breast removal, lymphoedema of the legs
  • Localized oedemas: haematoma resulting from tear in muscle tissue, luxation of the joints, treatment of fractures
  • Localized chronic inflammation: chronic runny nose, chronic sinusitis, chronic bronchitis
  • Rheumatic complaints of the musculoskeletal system and soft tissue: gout, osteoporosis
  • Localized oedemas of central and peripheral nerves
  • Headache, migraine, auditory disorders
  • Therapy for disorders of the digestive system 
  • Dermatological indications: acne, allergic and chronic eczema, rosacea, hair loss
  • Therapy to address vegetative imbalance, stress 
  • Manual lymph drainage as a form of preventive healthcare 
  • Treatment of poor venous circulation in the legs during pregnancy

Reflex Zone Therapy of the Feet

Reflex-zone massage of the feet is a form of therapy by means of which the therapist is able to treat individual organs within the body, which are either healthy o somewhat impaired, and to do so whilst causing minimal discomfort to the patient. This approach activates the body's own self-healing powers and restores stability to a healthy body. This explains why this therapy method is a first choice in many cases, especially since many patients prefer a more "remote" treatment to one that involves placing demands on the entire surface of the body.


Benefits of electrotherapy: By means of weak electrical impulses, the tissue and musculature are stimulated, which in turn results in better blood flow as well as reduction in pain.

Recommended as a treatment for arthrosis, heel spurs, lumbago, cervical syndromes, tears, tennis elbow, golf elbow, scar pain, motor disorders, loss of muscle mass, stroke, facial paralysis, blood circulatory disorders.


Extensions lead to relaxed stretching and extension of discs and the smaller vertebrae, and thus to improvement in blood flow and reduction in pain. Recommended in the treatment of hip malalignment, sprains and strains of the neck, chest and lumbar vertebrae, neurological lumbar disorders, slipped discs.


is conducted by means of adhesive bandages: functional bandages designed to relieve stress and protect, supporting and inhibiting extreme motion in order to protect your joint or musculature.

Heat treatments | Cold treatments

  • Fango packs, infrared light
  • Cold packs, ice massages