Wellness Massages

For your wellbeing

Aromatic Oil Massage

Relaxing full-body massage with essential oils.

Details: A pampering for body, mind and soul. This special massage relieves tension, the head becomes freer - the stresses of daily life disappear, leading to harmony of all your senses. This treatment encompasses the back, legs, arms and neck.

Duration and Price:
40 mins. € 62.00

Hot Stone

This treatment involving placement of warm stones on the human body actually looks back on a long history. Centuries ago, healers and shamans would lay heated stones to transfer heat to the body. The massage harmonizes body, mind and soul, and balances the body's own chi (life energy).

Duration and Price:
Full body 60 mins. € 95.00
Back 30 mins. € 54.00

Pantai Herbal

A spa treatment originally inspired by Asian tradition, aimed at achieving inner and outer harmony for the body. The body is first rubbed with special pre-heated oils, then massaged with small bags filled with herbs. Through the combination of massage, warm herbal stamps and the effects of the herbs themselves, a sensation of overall wellbeing is attained.

Duration and Price:
50 mins. € 97.00