Massages for Children

For children and teens up to age 18

Relaxing massage for kids and teens

For the wellbeing and health of our kids. During this relaxing massage using almond oil, stress is reduced with an overall calming effect.

Details: This treatment is focused on the back, neck, legs and arms.

Duration and Price:
30 mins. € 49.00

Foot Reflexology

For newborns, babies, children and teens

Details: By means of finger pressure on the reflex zones, we are able to treat remotely joints and organs that are suffering from dysfunction. The treatment affects the body's energy flow, removes energy blockages, harmonizes life strengths, and leads to a pleasant sense of wellbeing.

Indications include metabolic ailments, neurodermatitis, digestive problems, weak bladder, allergies, nerve pain, rheumatic complaints, scar removal, restoration of acid-base balance, anti stress, relaxation, strengthening the immune system.

Duration and Price:

30 min € 49.00